is a for-soul initiative to launch a thousand tiny projects. We take the minimum-loveable-product approach a little too seriously. We are not a company, we are a bunch of people spread across domains (developers, designers, writers, music lovers, idea guys, analysts, ML/AI experts).

At the core, theXYZ is about enjoying the process of building products, caring about the users above anything else, no B.S., and fun. We live by some ground rules: Build fast, Launch early, No premature scaling, No debate over colors and UI, Usability first, and Make it human.

So far so good


Write and Send Letters Online | Letter Delivery


[WIP] Launch your online merch-store for free!

Real Apple

The Real Apple that has been never seen before.

FOMO Store

[WIP] Vibe up with amazing unlimited (limited-edition) products from FOMO store.


Vibe up with amazing unlimited & unique wallpapers.


Where designers share their work for feedback.


Discover music through stories


It’s kinda like, Twitter for your wishes.

Random Gradients

Generate unlimited random gradients. Explore, Save, Use it in your code.

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